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We are eLearning Experts
eLearning Experts
We can set-up your companies Learning Management System as well as advise you how to save time and money using eLearning systems to improve your companies course delivery and students experiences. A recent study in the USA has suggested that online learning has become more effective for the learner than traditional classroom delivery and has recommended the use of online learning management systems to deliver blended training and educational courses to help further the student experience. We can advise on all aspects of this process from setting up the Learning Management System, to branding and installing other third party systems such as Adobe Connect, WizIQ and other aspects that will allow you to use every available technology to help you save time and money using online delivery methods. Consultancy is a part of what we offer and from £400.00 we can set-up your companies first learning management system with hosting for 12 months and offer you support and guidance on how to establish your courses and maintain your new online learning system. We have saved past clients thousands of pounds by using our services so don’t waste any more time we can offer low cost but effective solutions for your company to get set-up quickly and your courses online in no time at all.

Your Learning Management System Site Features


Your new Moodle site will be a simple design following your current branding. Your companies website colours will matched and your company’s logo will be in place. The layout of the Learning Management System is defined by you and we can incorporate any design or changes you require to the front end of the Learning Management System or the course design at a later date if required. We also offer you advice and consultancy on to DIY your Moodle so you can save time and money in the future on setting up and maintaining your own learning management system.


We provide two unique plug-ins that make your Learning Management System better. This allows a greater flexibility when dealing with students and their work.


We feel that it is important to start with the simple implementation and then add the features you require at a later stage. This will allow you to become familiar with the Learning Management System and how to administrate the content. We have various development aspects for Learning Management Systems such as Virtual classroom implementation, Quiz Certificate setup and other aspects such as implementing ecommerce into the Learning Management System from your website. Or else getting your Learning Management System to talk to other Social Media API’s such as Facebook and Twitter. What you want your Learning Management System to do we can software engineer it, this is the beauty of working with FREE open source software we can make it whatever you want it to be and get it to do whatever you want it to achieve for your learners and your organisation.

Moodle Disclaimer
· PCM2U does not represent Moodle HQ. Moodle is a registered trademark of the Moodle Trust. PCM2U is not associated with the Moodle Trust.
· We are proud to be an integral member of the Moodle community. We will not split the community by building our own open source community. The public community and community software downloads are atMoodle.org.
· We do not deviate from Moodle’s core architecture. And only supply approved third party plug-ins. Our innovations are unique to PCM2U in this respect.
· Our policy is to build new innovations on the last stable Moodle release.
· We will share documentation wherever possible.
· Our business plan includes a financial contribution of 10% of our earnings to Moodle Pty Ltd for the ongoing success of Moodle community software.

Review of Online Learning Studies by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Planning 

pdf US-Department-of-Education-finalreport.pdf