PCt2U is active in some developing countries and with the help of its partner’s aims to raise standards of teachers in these countries and to instil in them the methods and disciplines that are evident in our esteemed UK educational system. We have partners in Lagos, Nigeria and in the ‘Chitwan’ District in Nepal and we are pro active in working with local schools in these regions to raise their standards of teaching and methods of assessment and quality control. For every penny we raise to train teachers in these countries the more chance the teachers we train will go onto become practitioners and reflective educationalists who will extend what we teach them further into their communities.

In Nepal most children do not get to go to school past the primary school level and in Lagos, Nigeria poorer children’s parents have to pay £2.00 a month to get an education for their child. To us in the western world it is unthinkable that our children won’t be educated and most of our populations do not have to consider paying for their child’s education at all. For £200 we can train a teacher in Lagos and Nepal and if they make the grade even award them our entry level UK teaching certificate. For £2.00 a month we can take a child from the slums of Lagos and teach them to speak and write English fluently. Join us today and be a part of the learning journey of the poorest children on the planet and watch as we train teachers to our high standards so they can develop their practice in these countries, this could even be the mountains of Nepal?

Whatever you donate we will ensure that the money is well spent and that it will be directed to our partners in Lagos and Nepal. Please note that we do not make any money out of these ventures and the funding is directed to our agents in a 100% form to be invested in their local communities. We are merely the catalyst for change in these regions and we hope that you will join us in trying to help these disparate and poor communities succeed. To make a change we have to forget the old and focus on the new, help us create something new and donate today.

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